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Other Side of the Mirror Street Angel



Other pages that I have been to all seem to have a 'Get to Know Me' page, so I thought I'd do the same.  
Somewhere in the back of my mind, my life is in someone's written pages. Sometimes they ask me about the men in my life and I tell them..."As difficult as it has been, they are poets and yet they are priests of nothing, but they are legends (in their own minds) and I thought that there was a connection!"
So I watched and listened as my life was sung about, all the heartache, all the wild love but no heart was wild with love for me.  I stood in shadows and know what it sounds like when doves cry.
But like the gypsy that I am, I faced freedom with a little fear.  In that freedom, I turned out to be stronger than I knew. All the while he stood watching out of the corner of his eye and watched as the castle walls all fell down.  Did it matter? No it didn't, took me awhile to realize it.  My heart opened to a new love, a Great love but something held him back.  His attention to me was more than he could do, I touched the soul of him and the fear inside him made him turn and run, made him turn and runaway from me.  So, I ended it all for the both of us, I fell down like a broken rag doll.  I still miss those blue eyes and those arms that use to hold me when all the love was there. So I went back...to the other side of the mirror...love was a word I was trying to find...somewhere.
Just like a great dark wing, he came, my heart and dreams knew him before.  The Poet.  He was my match and I would fall in his shadow.  I need him because he lets me breathe and he's always taken me away, he still does. He is my strength and he is the candle that guides me back again.
I also have 3 wonderful, beautiful children.  Their names are Steven, Stevie, and Tyler.  My daughter is named after Stevie, her name is (and yes this is her REAL name)Stevie Lynn. She loves being named after Stevie!  My sons are named after Steven Tyler(Tallericho)of Aerosmith.  I'm a huge Aerosmith fan.  Been listening to them as long as I've been listening to Fleetwood Mac and Stevie.  I saw Aerosmith and I FINALLY saw Stevie, twice!  There just isn't enough words to begin to describe the concert.  I would love to see Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey that would be awesome.  I also live in East Greenville, Pennsylvania, about 50 miles north of Philadelphia.  So in a nut shell without going into any long, drawn out story (although my life would make a good book)this is me.  Another one of Stevie's Hopelessly Enchanted fan.
She was just a wish...     


My First Award!!!!! Thank you Shel!!!!!




She's got a light around her
And everywhere she goes
A million dreams of love
Surround her everywhere.
   Billy Joel





Gypsy Boots