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Read Between My Lines

On this page will be
selected "snippets"
of my favorite Stevie
sayings or lyrics.  Hope
you will enjoy this page.
Scroll down to see what I wrote in the new 
Stevie Nicks Book-Read Between My Lines The Musical and Life Journey of Stevie Nicks by Sandra Halliburton. 


You love her
But you love your life alone as well
But do you know the road...
Or the reasons why...
If you lose her...
You'll be losing the chance to stay alive
The candle burns bright,
Then the candle dies.


No one heard her call his name
No one heard the sounds she made
He wouldn't have liked it much anyway~
To know that she still loves him...


Creature of the night
It's been almost a week
Would you love me only?


Don't hide your eyes that way
Don't hide anything not anymore
Because I never did not love you
I never did run from you
In a dream I said to you
That I'd always love you.


It's all in the eyes
It's all in the way you look.


All your life you've never seen
A woman taken by the sky.


Lightning strikes
Maybe once, maybe twice
She was just a wish.


One man did not call
He asked me for my love
And that was all.


In the middle of my room
I did not hear from you
It's alright...it's alright
To be standing in a line


Alone in the shadows
The shadows of broken dreams
Happiness is just a fleeing memory
A word that has fallen
In pieces to the ground.


Do you always walk in shadows?
Have you ever let anyone...touch your soul?
You never let anyone that close...
Except for one...the one that is not me
So I suffer quietly
As you go into your day


Cold and wavering
On a wind blown night
Whose honour, whose anger


So I'm goin' away for a little while
To remember how to feel
And if I find the answer...
I promise you...I'll come back to get you.


This is what I wrote in the book:
Stevie to me is the classiest lady there is.  She has a light that shines all around her and comes from inside her as well.  I have related to her songs of the past and swear she has written them about my life.  The album, The Other Side of the Mirror, is one of those examples.  I was in an abusive marriage, left and went back again and can really understand when she says in "Rhiannon," 'Your life knows no answer.'  At one time I really felt that way and it is a frightening feeling when you think this is all your life is going to be about.  Stevie writes what everyone feels (man or woman) at some point in their lives.  She shows that she, too, has moments of sheer delight and enchantment and moments of deepest, darkest despair, that she is not immune to life.  She has inspired much of my creativity (writing, drawing, etc.) in so many ways, I have created a website about her and my interests and when I was married on October 30, 2004, my wedding dress was inspired by and a tribute to her.  The top of my dress was my own liking but the bottom and the colours were all Stevie.  They were black, pink and ivory with a layered handkerchief hemline that we all love.  The colours represent different "eras" of Stevie from the beginning years of Fleetwood Mac, to "Mirage" to "Bella Donna" and "The Wild Heart."  Stevie was also the inspiration in me naming my daughter Stevie Lynn.  I tell my Stevie that she doesn't need to dress the way some of these young ladies do.  I tell her, "look at Stevie Nicks.  She dresses and acts like a lady and she still has men that would chew their arms off to be with her."  I feel it has worked.  She doesn't like to "show off" her body.  I also tell my Stevie that if you believe in yourself and have something you really want to do, you can accomplish it just like Stevie Nicks did.
Stevie, we listen to you and we listen through you.  And the feeling does remain even after the glitter fades.  We, your humble enchanted, gypsy fans, love you.  (Dawn Benner)

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