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Stevie's Star Magick

"Don't you know that the stars
are a part of us."
Stevie Nicks~Bella Donna from the album Bella Donna 1980 Welsh Witch Music


If you would like to borrow any of the information that I have below, Please ask me.  It took A LONG time to input all this information into this site/page.  I have No Problem with anyone wanting this, just please let me know before taking is all I ask.  You can reach me at gypsy_boots@comcast.net I check my emails quite frequently.  Thanks so much.  Blessed Be

Gemini Stevie
Stevie as you may or may not be aware of is a Gemini, as far as her Astrological sign.  Here I will give you a look at Rock's Gypsy in a different way, through her sign, her number and various other ways.  I hope you will enjoy this journey with me.  This look into Stevie through Astrological and Numerological ways is courtesy of The Power of Birthdays, Stars, and Numbers The Complete Personology Reference Guide written by Saffi Crawford and Geraldine Sullivan.  Let me know what you think of this and if you would like me to do this for you?  Its not for profit and I don't claim to be an all knowing and powerful person. This is not meant to be negative and I do not and will not claim to know Stevie personally or in any other way.  I did this for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY! So please don't leave nasty grams in my email or guestbook.  Again this was and is for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY!  
~~~~Enjoy and Blessed Be, Dawn~~~~


Archetype and Role for Gemini
Each zodiac sign takes on and acts out the roles of a particular archetype in order to manifest its own power in the act of creation. Here is what it says:
Gemini:  the Communicator, the Interpreter, the Writer, the Speaker, the Storyteller, the Educator.


The Astrological Sign
Third Sign
Mutable Air
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Body Part: Lungs, Arms, Hands
Keywords: Versatility, Talkativeness ,Ingenuity
Natural communicators with a never-ending thirst for knowledge, Geminis are eternal students.  Being an Air sign and very intelligent, Geminis are always on the move, always trying to satisfy their mental curiosity.  Extrememly quick at picking out the salient points of any subject, they acquire a wide general knowledge, which they love to share with others.  Geminis can be bright, multitalented, and enthusiastic but must guard against scattering their energies in too many directions.  Through mental discipline and education, Geminis may learn to develop a greater depth of thought.
  Linked to Mercury, people of this sign often have an androgynous quality, with a slim and youthful body.  Geminis usually have bright, expressive faces and enjoy using their hands when conveying their ideas.  Loving to talk, Geminis can chatter on for hours, which often results in extra-large telephone bills.  Young in outlook, Geminis are often compared to the eternal child, always in a state of wonder.
  Having sensitive nervous systems, Geminis may find it hard to concentrate their full attention on anything or anyone.  Like their symbol, the twins, they are renowned for being able to do at least two things at once, as well as being flexible, versatile, and adaptable.  Airy, sophisticated Geminis do not like to be pinned down and are determined never to be bored or boring.  Not known for their consistency, Geminis appear to have many personalities and changing moods.  Gemini individuals are generally intellectual and usually more interested in a stimulating mental challenge than earthly passion.
  Light and friendly, Geminis have an easy rapport with others and are often more than willing to share the veritable mine of information they have at their fingertips.  With their youthful charm and natural quick wit, is it any wonder that they can be the most delightful friends and companions?  Entertaining, with a wealth of ideas, Geminis are highly expressive when they let their mercurial spirits soar.


The Planet
Each of the planets represents a psychological function and corresponds to aspects of our personality.  Character traits are suggested by the positions of the planets and the relationship they have to each other.  In astrology, the Sun and Moon, technically named the Luminaries, are included in the ten planets that make up our solar system.  Stevie's sign is below.
 In mythology Mercury is the messenger of the gods, who gave man language and the capacity to communicate and learn.  To the Greeks Mercury was known as Hermes, whose  gifts to humankind were writing and language.  Mercury has a talent for rhetoric and mental trickery, a reflection of the ability to develop the conscious mind until we become a little too clever for our own good.
 Although usually portrayed as a youthful male figure, Mercury is neither male nor female.  This is symbolic of its role as a neutral medium for the exchange of information.  Mercury represents intellectual, rational thinking and discriminative powers, and is linked to commerce and the marketplace.
 Pschologically, Mercury represents mental ability and the need to comprehend and communicate,  whether through speech, writing, teaching, or any form of mental expression.  Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo.
 Positive: cleverness, mental agility, good communication skills, intellectualism
 Negative: trickiness,  weak intellect or overdevelopment of the intellect, lack of logic


Stevie's Holistic Number
The holistic number represents the total sum of the numbers of her birth day, month, and year.  This number reveals her life purpose or challenge with its positive and negative attributes.  By understanding the holistic number, you can come to a greater level of self-awareness.
Stevie's Number is 8
There are nine basic numbers that can have a positive or negative expression in people's personalities, depending on how they approach their life challenges.
Number 8
The number 8 dynamic is emotional and material power.  The positive attributes of the number 8 are strength and strong convictions.  Motivated and determined, you are hardworking and authoritative.  The strength or power suggested by the number 8 birthday shows a character with strong values, executive abilities, and sound judgment.  As a number 8, you seek security and consistency in permanent situations.  Authorative, with a desire for dominance and material success,  number 8's often aspire to great accomplishment and possess an ambitious nature.  Usually you get promoted to positions of responsibility and leadership because of your dedication and persverance.  As a number 8 person, you have natural business sense and will benefit greatly from developing your inherent organizational and executive skills.  You may have to learn how to delegate your authority or administer in a fair and just way.  If you find yourself in positions of influence, you can provide others with practical advice and protection.  As a number 8 individual, you need to deal with power, patience, and tolerance by being forgiving, being understanding, and taking others' weaknesses into consideration when making a judgment.  The number 8 person seeks security through long-term plans and investments for the future.  Usually you possess power to heal yourself as well as others, and you benefit most if you learn how to channel these forces for the betterment of those around you.
The challenges for number 8 are impatience, intolerance, frugality, overwork, being power-hungry, being domineering, and a lack of planning.


Stevie's Personal Year Number
What kind of year will Stevie have this year? We'll find out, this goes from January 1,2003-December 31,2003.
Stevie's personal year number is: 9
Personal Year Interpretations
Personal year numbers fall in cycles of nine years.  The following keywords describe the vibrational quality of each personal year:
This is the most important and spiritual year in the numerological cycle.  It is the year of completion and of tying up a lot of loose ends.  A new cycle is not yet born but the preceding one is ending.  The fundamental rule of the number 9 is that you shall reap what you have sown.  This is also the time to assess where you stand and discard all that is not essential.  Avoiding holding on to the past; if you have outgrown certain situations or even people, this is the time to say your good-byes and plan for the future, especially in the later part of the year.
  The universal symbolism of the number 9 also indicates the achievement of maturity and understanding about the fundamental principles of life in the cycle of death and rebirth, of parting and starting new.  The number 9 represents the basis of the eternal life of change and continuity.  The most rewarding experiences for a number 9 year are compassion and forgiveness.  Your good deeds are not lost: Charity to others will make a better person out of you and give you the courage to forge ahead.


The Personal Day Interpretations
The personal day number corresponds to the day of the month you were born.  It is unchangeable.
Stevie's Day
Stevie as we all know is the 26th here is what it says:
Day 26
A number 26 birthday often suggest that you aspire to great accomplishment and possess an ambitious nature.  Often you have a pragmatic approach to life, executive ability, and a good business sense.  The strength or power suggested by the number 26 birthday shows that you are a cautious character with strong values and sound judgment.  If you have a number 26 birthday, you are usually responsible, with a natural aesthetic sense.  A love of home and strong parental instincts may also suggest a strong need to build a solid foundation or find real stability.  Through stubborness or lack of self-confidence, however, you may sometimes give up too quickly.  Nevertheless, with self-control and careful planning you can achieve success.
  An inclination toward idealistic and humanitarian causes may lead you to work in vocations involving people, education,and service to the community.  Often a tower of strength for others, you are willing to support friends, family members, and relatives who turn to you in time of need. You may nevertheless need to guard against materialistic tendencies and a desire to control situations or people.
  Positive: creativity, practicality, caring, responsibility, pride in family, enthusiasm, courage.
  Negative: stubborness, rebelliousness, unenthusiastic, lack of persistence, instability, domination.


May 26
Your perceptive mind and easygoing charm add to your multitalented personality.  You like to familiarize yourself with situations before pledging a commitment, but once you give your word you are likely to take your responsibilities seriously.  Once you have decided on a goal, it is important to find people who can encourage and assist you in your gradual rise to success.
  With the influence of Mercury in the first decanate of Gemini, you may enjoy sharing your ideas and unique vision with others and are likely to be curious about many subjects.  Since you get straight to the core of issues and enjoy communication, you have the potential to develop innate writing skills as well as possible musical or creative talents.  When you synthesize your imaginative and realistic approaches to life, you can make your dreams a reality.
  Your home is likely to play a strong part in your life security, and you may be willing to make big sacrifices for those you love.  Hampered by a great love of ease and comfort, you must be careful of losing focus or giving up under stress.  At the other extreme, once you decide to use your sense of strategy and self-discipline, you can be very determined, hardworking, and tenacious.  It is advisable to undertake some form of regular physical exercise to prevent any tendencies toward inertia or a buildup of anger.
  Having a strong foundation or home to build from starts to have more importance in your life after the age of twenty-six, when your progressed Sun moves into Cancer.  This also highlights your personal emotional needs and continues until around the of fifty-six, when your progressed Sun enters Leo.  This will magnify your confidence and strength and enable you to become more powerful in public situations.
Stevie's Secret Self
A nedd for recognition may spur you to develop your talents through education.  This is excellent for building a foundation for your ambition, as well as adding to your sense of self-confidence.  It is important to have a plan of action in order to fully commercialize your skills and abilities, and you may especially benefit from partnerships and cooperative efforts.  Do not allow a worrisome attitude about money to undermine your usual determination.  If frustrated, do not leave things until later, as you are likely to miss excellent opportunities. 
  A flair for the dramatic and a need to be in control suggest that you enjoy power or influence.  If you find yourself in a position of authority, you have to learn to be just and impartial and avoid being unfair or manipulative.  If you choose to help others, you may use your natural healing powers, especially to relieve those with mental stress or emotional anxieties.
Work and Vocation
Although you do not appear particularly ambitious, your quick mind enables you to comprehend situations easily and aids you in whatever career you choose.  It may be necessary to discipline yourself to avoid scattering your energies, and when concentrated you are likely to succeed in careers that make the most of your mental potential, such as in teaching or writing.  If in business, your ability to be a good conversationalist can help you in the world of sales or customer service.  Alternatively, you may prefer a career in the arts, the theater, or music.  Since you are likely to be good with your hands, you may be able to use this skill in a creative or practical way.  An innate compassion and understanding of human nature may lead you to careers such as counselor or advisor and help you raise money for good causes.
Other famous people who share her birthday are actors John Wayne and James Arness, and singers Peggy Lee and Hank Williams Jr.
Love and Relationships
Idealistic and sensitive, with dramatic emotional power, you are romantic with strong feelings.  Although you need love and affection, stability and security may be prerequisites that you cannot relinquish.  Often charming and friendly, you love socializing and creative pursuits that can fire your imagination.  However, guard against tendencies to be overly emotional, insecure, or demanding when events do not meet with your approval.  You are attracted by intelligent people who inspire you to use your natural sense of structure to enable you to achieve your goals.  Creative outlets release your tension and draw like-minded people toward you. 


Primary Star's Infulence
Prima Hyadum grants energy, ambition, and a desire for prestige, leading to achievement or great success.  This star suggests a need for study and education in order to develop clear thinking.  Prima Hyadum, however, also carries an influence that implies contradictions in fortunes or times of turbulence.
 Linked to your Sun's degree, this star imparts a talent for writing, business, sport, astrology, and success through working with the public.  There is also a chance of fame and fortune and opportunities for popularity or notoriety.  Prima Hyadum warns against tendencies toward greed and exploitation of others, and suggests refraining from hasty decisions, which may cause upheaval.
 Positive: writing, education, communication.
 Negative: restlessness, lack of knowledge, greed.


Stevie's Special Someone
She might find emotional fulfillment and that special someone among those born on the following days:
Love and Friendship:
Jan. 8,18,22, Feb. 16, 20, Mar. 14,18,28, Apr. 12,16,26, May 10, 14,24, June 8, 12,22, July 6,10,20,29 Aug. 4,8,18,27,30, Sept. 2,6,16,20,25,28, Oct. 4,14,23,26,30 Nov. 2,12,21,24,28 Dec. 10,19,22,26,28
Beneficial: Jan. 6,10,25,30, Feb. 4,8,23,28, Mar. 2,6,21,26, Apr. 4,19,24, May 2,17,22, June 15,20,30, July 13,18,28, Aug. 11,16,26, Sept. 9,14,24, Oct. 7, 12, 22, Nov. 5,10,20, Dec. 3,8,18
Fatal Attractions: May 29, June 27, July 25, Aug. 23, Sept. 21, Oct. 19, Nov. 17,26,27,28, Dec. 15
Challenging: Jan. 13,29,31, Feb. 11, 27,29, Mar. 9,25,27, Apr. 7,23,25, May 5,21,23, June 3,19,21, July 1, 17,19, Aug. 15,17, Sept. 13,15, Oct. 11, 13, Nov. 9, 11 Dec. 7, 9
Soul Mates:  Jan, 6,25, Feb. 4, 23, Mar. 2,21, Apr. 19, May 17, June 15, July 13, Aug. 11, Sept. 9, Nov. 7, Dec. 5


Another look at Stevie's Birthday:
Possessions and Desires...
Gem:  Topaz-This is an excellent gift to be exchanged between very loyal friends.
Flower:  Phlox-You may go along with the crowd more than could be good for you.
Astral Color, Color Need, Apparel Color:  Your Astral Color is Red, which enhances passion, excitement, and strength.  Violet in your environment keeps you empathetic toward others.  In your wardrobe, Coral brings you a brilliant and sharp appearance.
Fragrance:  You should flood your living space with the scent of distilled floral bouquet or freshly cut wood.  This will give your ever-curious mind a rest from its constant search for your new experiences.
Tree:  Pine-Your relationships tend to be balanced, both emotionally and mentally.
Instrument:   Cello
Composer:  Mozart
Bird:  Bobolink-This charming singer is equally good as a soloist or a member of an orchestra.  It is a very romantic bird, useful as an insect destroyer, and elegant, with beautiful feathers, and always pleasant to have around.
Symbol:  Wings-You are the source of balance in your world-this will bring you contentment.
Harmonious Health and Nutrition...
Health Scent:  Almond-This scent may revitalize you and your open you to greater possibilities.
Favorable Foods:  Kale, grapes, whole-wheat bread, eggs
What's Lucky...
Lucky Numbers:  5, 8, 9, 16
Best Months: April and August
Best Day of the Week:  Wednesday
Best Month Days:  8, 17, 26
Lucky Charm:  Red ribbon in your wallet or doorway
Harmonious Signs for Relationships and Partnerships:  Aquarius and Libra
Spiritual Guides:
Star:  Al Henah-Those born under this star are easily wounded.
Angel:  Ambriel-This angel governs travel and transportation, particularly over water, and helps to create love and good communication
Guardian Angel:  Seraphim-An angel that brings love, light, and passion.
Spiritual Stone:  Chrysprasus-This stone aids in relaxtion.
**Judith's Insight**
You appreciate the finer things in life.  You like Paris, the carnival, and springtime.  You have extreme likes and dislikes.  Strong and confident as you leave the house, you are easily discouraged and arrive home depressed and unmotivated.  You could live two different lives, and no one would know it.  You always wish you were someplace else.  Easily distracted, you switch from project to project.  If channeled properly, your drive could further a successful life's work.  You will probably seek multiple educational degrees or vocational skills.  Just about any job in education would be a number one choice.
Keep a journal, and you'll see progress.  You will be pleasantly surprised how good a writer you are.  Keep track, too of your dreams-you feel comfortably connected to them.  Your fear of publicity curbs your need to be known and heard.  One way or another you see to contribute to others; if not on stage, perhaps through your writing.  With your distinctive voice, you may have the opportunity to write song lyrics, and record the songs as well!  If singing is not a career, you should join your local choir or other choral group.
Balancing the scales is learning about yourself while including family and loved ones.  Childhood friends support you.  You may have many careers before you find a balance in your mid-forties, but the trip along the way is more than satisfactory.  You know how to have a good time by leaving your mind at home.  when things become overwhelming, you recognize you must turn off your mind for awhile.
This look in to Stevie's birthday was done from a book called The Hidden World of Birthdays by Judith Turner.  All copyrights and patents belong to her and her publisher, this was used without their permission.


Stevie's horoscope for the week of May 5-11, 2008: Tough times call for tough decisions, and with a new moon bringing personal issues to a head, it really is now or never. Draw a line on your former life and promise yourself that in the future you will put your own needs first. And mean it. courtesy of TV Guide, written by Sally Brompton used without permission.


A look ahead for Stevie (Spring 2007-Spring 2008) and those, born under the sign of the Twins
May 22-June 21
Changeable, restless, inquisitive, and lively, Gemini always makes life interesting.  This first of the mutable and first of the air signs, Gemini's twin spirit seeks variety.  You brush away the cobwebs of habit to express and explore new ideas.
Spring dawns with Mercury, your ruler, moving rapidly through your career sector.  Through April 10 you'll be arranging meetings and exchanging calls and letters.  Since Mercury conjoins Uranus, innovations and surprises may develop.  A sense of deja vu infuses relationships when Jupiter turns retrograde in your 7th house of partners in early April, a pattern which lasts through Lammastide.  Associates have new priorities.  Compromises can be reached when benevolent Venus transits Gemini from mid-April through May 8.  Orient magickal workings on May Day to the blessing of compatible relationships.  The last three weeks of May bring important answers when Mercury trines sensitive Neptune and intuition marches with intellect.
During June, Venus joins Saturn in Leo to create a sextile aspect in the 3rd house.  At the New Moon in Gemini on June 14 business travel should be productive.  Retrograde Mercury in Cancer June 16-July 10 creates some confusion about budgeting and finances.  A sentimental mood prevails.  Venus is retrograde at a square to your Sun from late July through Septemeber 8.  Economize in regard to expenses as well as the outpouring of emotion and energy.  From early August through the end of September Mars dashes through Gemini.  It's easy to be a bit abrupt.  Moderate exercise and good-natured competition provide positive outlets for anger.  A series of squares and oppositions creates a complex aspect pattern in mutable signs with Mars as the pivot.  It's an interesting time, but stress can build.  Take time to focus and keep your goals in mind.  Then much can be accomplished. 
During October, Venus moves with Saturn through your home and family sector.  Repair and redecorate your dwelling, then host a gathering at All Hallows.  Emphasize talismans to bring peace, joy, and protection to the home.  An elderly or very young relative can become a closer companion.  The New Moon of November 9 ushers in  a two-week cycle accenting the 6th house.  Health could be affected by changes in diet.  Emotional bonds with animal companions, especially canines, can strengthen.  November 24's Full Moon in your sign widely aspects both Venus and Neptune.  Social prospects are bright; your charm and artisitc gifts are in evidence through the month's end.  The first half of December finds the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto all in opposition to you.  It's essential to understand others' viewpoints and capacities.  Ask no favors, and release expectations.  Water, snow, and ice magic will be powerful at Yule.  Venus in Scorpio complements other water sign influences, including Uranus in Pisces and Mars in Cancer.  January finds Jupiter and Pluto starting long transits through Capricorn, activating your 8th house, the sector of transformation, mysteries, and the afterlife.   Efforts to contact a loved one who has passed on can be very successful.  At Candlemas select individual tapers and light them, dedicating each candle to a specific change desired as Mars turns direct in your sign.  It's time to move on.
February's eclipses, on the 6th and 20th, create a stir in the 9th and 4th houses.  A family member may announce some unexpected plans.  Be understanding and supportive.  March accents security issues, for Mars in Cancer is powerfully aspected in your 2nd house of finances.  Balancing old monetary obligations with current expenses requires humor and tolerance.  During winter's final days check the claims and references of associates with care.  Mercury conjoins first Neptune, then Uranus, showing that reality is in flux.  Clouds of confusion clear in good time.
Mars makes two passages through Gemini this year, during August and September and again January 1-March 4.  This brings the gift of great energy, but also warns of building stress and anger.  Focus on regular exercise as a release.  It's the perfect time to begin a healthful regime of Pranayama, the yoga of sacred breath work.  Seek out a yoga studio or textbook for specifics and you'll be rewarded with a new wellness and strength by the year's end.
Good communication skills open your heart to romance.  A classroom or educational tour could provide opportunities.  Venus makes promising aspects April, November, and late February through mid-March.  An encounter with Cupid is likely then.  Lemongrass and bergamot are favorable aromatherapies.  A feng shui technique suggests placing new peach or pink sheets on your bed to attract true love.  This should be effective within twenty-eight days, one lunar cycle.
The Aquarius eclipse of February 6 profoundly impacts your spirituality.  It aspects Neptune, the planet of dreams, which hovers in your spiritual sector the year long.  Dreams usher in spiritual revelations.  Invest in a good dream book.  The eclipse marks the onset of the Chinese New Year.  This is a perfect time to learn more about the traits of your Chinese birth sign.  Obtain a statue or make a drawing of your Chinese animal.  Gaze upon it, for it is the animal that hides within your heart.
Pluto, the celestial transformer, is about to touch the cusp of Capricorn, your 8th house.  Old beliefs about money are changing.  Favorable aspects between Jupiter and Saturn in earth signs in early 2008 should activate the higher potentials of this Pluto trend, brightening financial prospects between Yule and Candlemas.  Promote financial plans between the First Quarter and Full moon phases each month.  Your teaching ability can also enhance your earnings.
Courtesy of The Witches' Alamanac Spring 2007 to Spring 2008
BEING a compendium of ancient lore and legend--the indispensible guide and delightful companion for adept, occultist, witch and mortal alike...
shows at a glance the phases of the moon, notes the aspects of the planets and foretells their influence on each sun sign in the astrological year to come...
contains herbal secrets, advice about animals, mystic incantations, sacred rituals and many a curious tale of good and evil.

 Stevie's Chinese Birth Sign:
  The Rat (SHU) 
Ruler of the hours 11pm to 1am
Direction - North
Season - Winter/December
Fixed element - Water positive
Yin/Yang - Yang

Personality Traits:
People born under the year of the Rat tend to be forthright, generous and easy going to all of those that they love and care for.  They generally have happy, lively personalities and are very outgoing, although they can get very edgy when upset.  On the whole they are successful in what they choose to do and are full of imagination and possess very good memories.  During a crisis rats come into their own because they are level headed and intuitive, but often their energies can be scattered by their over ambitious tendencies.  If their over ambitious enthusiasm can be avoided there is no reason why Rats should not do well.  The Rat is a lover of money and a hater of waste and idleness.

The year of the Rat: is symbolic of opportunity and good prospects.  Business in general is forecast as being good although it is possible that bleak years will follow.  However anything that began in the year of the Rat should in theory be successful.

The Fire Rat - aggressive, dynamic, competitive, competitively motivated, self-determining and is full of ideals.

The Wood Rat - inquisitive, intuitive, apprehensive, adaptable, is motivated by diligence and is not very conventional.

The Earth Rat(this is what Stevie is) - trusty, adult, is motivated by permanence, is realistic and sanctimonious.

The Metal Rat - sensitive, idealistic, envious, is motivated by thought and is possessive.

The Water Rat - shrewd, perceptive, is motivated by education, is traditional and understanding.
    used without permission from Paranormality.com



Wondering what to buy Stevie (now let's get back down to earth) or your Gemini friends  here's some helpful advice.
Understanding your Gemini Friends
Sociable, friendly Gemini is rarely found alone.  People born under this star sign are looking for soulmates much more than someone to help them pass the time.
Gemini is the sign of the twins and so people born under this Zodiac sign-from May 22 to June 21-will seek to make their friends into brothers and sisters.   Their many interests mean that they always have numerous people in their life and are rarely found alone.
Celebrate diversity
Geminis choose their friends on the basis that everyone has something sjpecial to offer.  They often have a sporty friend, a bookish friend...one for every category of their life.  But no matter how sociable they are, they often find it hard to get organized-they may not get out as much as they'd like.  Much of their social life is conducted on the phone or through email, but that doesn't stop them form being deeply interested in everything they do.
Choosing birthday gifts for Gemini
Gemini's wide range of interests means that there's plenty of choice when buying your friend a present.  They love gifts that arouse and satisfy their curiosity; some good  ideas include:
Books, CDs, DVDs:
Gemini likes something that makes her think as much as something that makes her laugh.  You'll always be able to find something!
Concert tickets:
These are always a safe bet as they meet Gemini's need to try new and exciting things.
Gemini's a sociable game player with a lust for gadgets-the idea of a night in with a mate and computer games is absolute heaven.
Help her coordinate her wardrobe-she doesn't have time to do it herself!
Geminis love expanding their minds-learning new things and gaining new skills.
Activities to share with a Gemini friend:
Geminis are always looking for something to entertain them, but their attention soon wonders.  You'll have to try to keep them interested!
Gemini is enthusiasticand optimistic, making her a fun and amusing friend to spend time with.  She has a wide range of interests and likes to share them with her friends-she may not understand why you're not interested in her new hobby, too.
What's next?
Loving variety and constant stimulation, Gemini jumps at the chance to try something new.  However, this also means that friends may need to persuade her to finish projects she has started and find new ways  to keep her interested.  She may have loved last week's new fad, but by now she's been there and done that.  What's new?
Geminis love to communicate.  A "night in" is likely to be spent emailing friends or in internet chat rooms.
As Gemini dislikes doing anything alone she sees shoppping as an opportunity to spend more time with friends.  She'll transform a simple shopping trip into a full day out-which often involves stopping off for lunch and indulging in a good gossip session.  It's much more interesting than shopping alone!
Trying out new hobbies:
Gemini tends to have hobbies that expans her mind as well as develop friendships.  Creative pursuits, such as writing, satisfy her intellectually, but she doesn't like to be alone for too long.  Interactive hobbies that allow her to communicate with others, such as learning new languages, have a strong appeal.  Hobbies with definite goals, such as completing a tapestry, are good for Gemini.



Being very talkative, Gemini sees chatting as a hobby in itself.  She's a great person to spend an evening with, talking and gossiping into the small hours.  Geminis can be very entertaining and amusing-and will have no problem mixing with your other friends as they can talk to anyone about anything.


Looking for a sporting partner?

Gemini enjoys sports that rely on dexterity and quickness of movement so they're often seeking a partner for a game of squash or tennis.  They don't make good gym partners, however, ue to their dislike of routine, but they're the perfect person to try out new and unusual exercise classes with.  Take them along to try out the latest fitness fad or to the opening night of the new gym.


Gemini makes a great tennis partner, but she might not always have the commitment to be a good team player. 



Gemini needs a traveling companion to talk to and share experiences with-she hates traveling alone.  Lying on the beach isn't her ideaof an interesting vacation-she prefers to visit several destinations.  Typically, she likes to get a feel for each place before jumping into the rental car and driving to the next location.


Sport tours and adventure trips prevent Gemini from becoming bored too easily.

courtesy of Mind Body Spirit

The background on this page I got from site named Moonpixels.  Please check out her site for some different backgrounds or graphics for your page. Click on the picture below to go directly to G'wende's site.


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