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Enchanted Wind






To my Enchanted Wind Sister, Lisa
This page is for you, my Wild Heart Sister!
Taken by the wind...running in the shadows
I've closed my eyes and became that part of the wind
The wind child...running in the shadows.
I Love You With All My Heart and hope you like this little page dedicated to you, which has been a long time in coming!  This page is NO WHERE NEAR DONE, I WILL BE ADDING TO IT!







My sister's Birthday~June 18
Possessions and Desires
Gem:  Topaz-This is an excellent gift to be exchanged between very loyal friends.
Flower:  Mustard-No one is fooled when you try to act indifferent.
Astral Color, Color Need, Apparel Color:  Your Astral Color is Red, which enhances passion, excitement, and strength.  Violet is your environment, keeps you empathetic toward others.  In your wardrobe, Coral brings you a brilliant and sharp appearance.
Fragrance:  You should flood your living space with the scent of distilled floral bouquet or freshly cut wood.  This will give your ever-curious mind a rest from its constant search for new experiences.
Tree:  Holly-Beware that you are not carried away by your passionate nature.  The only way to grow is to be open to new experiences.
Instruments:  Violin, tympanum
Composer:  Gluck
Bird:  Mockingbird-the most proficient minstrel in the world's orchestra; graceful and enthusiastic.
Symbol:  Anchor-This tranquil symbol signifies stability and strength, and stands for strong commitments in relationships.
Harmonious Health and Nutrition
Health Scent:  Lavender-This scent might lead others to trust you and make you patient.
Favorable Foods:  Beans, strawberries, rye, walnuts buttermilk
What's Lucky
Lucky Numbers:  5, 9, 18
Best Months:  April and August
Best Day of the Week:  Wednesday
Best Month Days:  9, 18, 27
Lucky Charms:  A U.S. coin or bill of any amount from the year you were born.
Harmonious Signs for Relationships and Partnerships:  Aquarius and Libra
Spiritual Guides
Star:  Al Henah-Those born under this star are easily wounded.
Angel:  Ambriel-This angel governs travel and transportation, particularly over water, and helps to create love and good communication.
Guardian Angel:  Gabriel-"God is my strength."
Spiritual Stone:  Chrysoprasus-This stone aids in relaxation.
**Judith's Insight**
Because you're charming, attractive, and alluring, you have no problem finding a mate.  You are highly energetic and a willing participant in just about any sport.  Inspired by challenge, you're one of those rare people who can do just about anything.  Watch out for intense relationships-they can zap your energy.  You need to allow yourself more patience for things to come to fruition, in their own time frame.
Keeping the balance with family will be much easier for you than keeping the balance in a love relationship.  Family members understand you better and, therefore, have more patience.  You tend toward extremes:  you can give one hundred percent or be cold and completely isolate yourself from others.  This may pose problems when it comes to maintaining long-term relationships.  A lot of your emotional conflict will be fear-based---fear of what you really want, and fear of not getting it.
Be cautious that your interaction with the law finds you on the right side.  You have to watch out for times where you will have problems with the IRS or just incur a lot of legal problems or situations.  Unless, of course you find yourself working for them.  You may have a career, with reading, writing, or arthimetic, but not necessarily as a teacher.  You will be surrounded by books or magazines at one time or another.




The original Gypsy Wild Heart Sisters!

courtesy of the Nicks Fix








To visit THE BEST Stevie site on the web....
click this pic and you will visit my sister's page! Love you sis!



Thank you sis for being a part of my life!  You have brought such brightness and even more happiness to my life! 
THE WILD HEART SISTERS RULE!!!  Always!  I love you always!



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