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Enchanted...you thought you saw something in my eyes
Enchanted...it's a shame that you wanted me...
You didn't try...



Through the storms I see the path that I take
The wind is my guide, the rain my tears of life gone by. ~Dawn~


Mysterious lady
Enchanting and haunting
Come out of the shadows


But never have I been a blue calm sea
I have always been a storm

Click on picture to visit Debby's site about this picture.

Sister of the Moon painting created by Debby Faulkner-Stevens in honour of Stevie's 54th birthday is hoping to raise money, for the Robin Anderson Memorial fund at The City of Hope Cancer Hospital & Research Centre.  I believe Stevie has the painting and Debby is selling prints of the painting. This print is so Beautiful!  I have acquired one and the picture just does not do this print justice! This print is more affordable than you may think! Please check out Debby's website for more information on this painting.  I have included her website on this page.  Please check it out and try to acquire one of these Beautiful prints.


Stand back...Take me home...
Maybe I need a little sympathy!

You are Enchanted.

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Deeper meaning resides in the fairy tales
Told to me in my childhood than
In any truth that is taught in life.
Johann C. Friedrich von Schiller

Beauty And The Beast



Gypsy Boots